Fall and bounce in this unconventional platformer where you have NO CONTROL while you move through the air. Execute dashes and jump carefully to throw yourself towards your goal. Made in 48 hours for GMTK Game Jam 2020.

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left & right - move

up - jump

space - dash

"R" - restart

"M" - toggle mute


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Loved this concept, the ending was a nice touch (would love more falling because it felt very good hahaha). The last jump was very tough tho.
The only thing that I've dislked was the constant stun pacing, I know that would change the whole design, but something tells me that a simple height jump should not stun you. Anyway, great job! Amazing presentation and suberb juice.

Great stuff! A little, tricky to figure out that you should dash-jump in the beginning.

Cute wife the frog has ;)